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When you partner with 2024 big ten football teamsGreystone, you can expect both quality and value. Early in the design phase of a construction project, the Greystone team works collaboratively with the client and architect to apply value engineering techniques. By analyzing the building design in this way, Greystone is able to find opportunities to enhance efficiencies and decrease costs without compromising the integrity or goals of the construction project.

Areas of Opportunity

The Design-Build team works collaboratively to incorporate value throughout the design process from Schematic Design to Construction Documents. The following are examples of considerations presented to our clients:

  • Big Ten football 2024Options for cost effective building systems
  • Constructability issues
  • Operational costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • MEP options
  • Options for construction materials
  • Trade/craftsmen availability
  • Warranty considerations
  • Safety requirements
  • Weight schedule requirements vs. cost issues